Cell Phone Advice

I will soon be moving to Tmobile from Verizon. I like Verizon, but I will be getting Tmobile for really cheap, as in $20/month for both my wife and I:beam: Anyways, I need to pick out a new phone. I really want a smartphone with Wi-fi. I would love a Palm, but Tmobile doesn’t offer them. Instead I found this sucker: http://reviews.cnet.com/T_Mobile_SDA/4505-6452_7-31678157.html?tag=pdtl-list. The only issue I may have with it is the fact that it does not have a full querty keyboard. Other than that I am liking all the specs, especially the Wi-Fi.

Now Wi-Fi means I can connect to my home wireless network right? Is it that easy with cell phones? I have never had a cell with Wi-Fi.

Give me your thoughts on my choice. THX.