Center pop up in flash standalones

I am trying to make a pop up in a flash standalone I figured out one way to do it, but it only woks in an html explorer window. does an one know how to do it in a flash window?

Thank you

J. Rosano

As far as I know you cannot do it in a Flash standalone player. My question is…why do you want to do it in a Flash Standalone Player?

I am setting up a site for a model and she wants it to be a full screen flash project, out side of explorer. I checked many modeling and fashion sites and It seem to be a normal thing in the industry. Anyway, one of the button will open a 350 x 530 window with her composite card and an exit button in the right hand corner. How else can I do this?

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J. Rosano

Can you show me an example of one of the sites that use this? I dont think is possible to even launch a full site without a browser such as IE.

If I see an example I might be able to figure out what you want.

PS: Please only post one thread on a single topic.

one example that I can think of is www. Once in the main page you hit the left option “interactive” and then “FullScreen”

I hope this helps

J. Rosano

That is a browser window. The quit button uses…

on (release){

Now to create the function. On the page you want the link to be, add this code between your [HEAD][/HEAD] tags (of course replace [] with <>, this board converts HTML)

function openFullWindow(address){,"windowName","fullscreen")

Now make your link look like this…

<A HREF="javascript: openFullWindow('')">OPEN</A>

This will open the full page window. Hmmm, you don’t want a scrollbar eh (assuming). In the HTML page that contains the full screen movie make your [BODY] tag look like this…


There, done and done. You have a fullscreen window pop-up. You can change “windowName” to be whatever, but it MUST be 1 word.

<B>EDIT: </B> The code didn’t want to work correctly for the link, so just remove the space between “java” and “script” and the space between “:” and “o”.

thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to help me
I really appreciate it!

J. Rosano

No problem rosano. I hope everything works out for you.