Center pop up tutorial; need help

If some one could help it would really help me out. = )

I follow the center pop up tutorial on the site and it won’t work within my page. the exact name of the tutorial is “Launching a Centered Pop-Up Window” and it’s at
When I entered my website and H x W in the downloaded source that came with the tutorial, it worked, but I did it on my page and it open and explorer window looking for the following in the address bar:


Can any one help? do I have to do something different if I am embedding the action script within a movie?

Thank you in advance for your help and willingness to spend time on my problem. = )

J. Rosano

I figured out that it work, but only if I export it as an htlm. For this site, I am trying to do a full screen with out the explorer window. how can I do a center pop up out of that or out of a flash stand alone presentation?

Thank You

J. Rosano