Centered popup

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I followed this tutorial, then downloaded the fla. for the centered popup. I get a syntax error when I run it. Can someone help me out on this? Here is the url for the tutorial and fla.

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Works great for me!

Did you make sure you put the button actions on the button and the movie actions in a frame?

Stupid question I know, but when I first read it I expected the frame actions to be first, and I ended up pasting the button code on my frame and the frame code on my button. Pretty stupid of me eh?

Well after I reversed them it worked great.

You have to publish your movie and open it in IE (or your browser) to be able to test if it works.

Mine did, so there is nothing wrong with the code.

Thank you

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Would ya mind taking a look at it?
I attached the fla.
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It works fine for me. I just replaced the with and then published your file.

I opened the .html file and clicked the button and sure enough it worked great :slight_smile:

It works with the first link too, but I figured I would self advertise :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, I tested in IE. What did you test it in?

[<B>EDIT/UPDATE: </B>I tested it in Netscape 6.2, and it worked in that also]

What I am trying to do is open the centered popup from within my swf file. When I publish it, i get the html file and it works great, but when I try to use it from within my swf it does not. How might I acomplish this? Or, can this be done?

It can’t be done from the .swf file because and such are javascript functions that call upon your browsers functions. Therefore, it needs to be done from your html page.