Centering movie in browser window

Hi K,
It’s me again.
I want to know how you make a movie appear in the center of a browser window, regardles of how big or small the window is resized. I dont want the movie to shrink or grow with the resizing, but to stay in the center. A good reference is this fantastic site…oindex.htm
He keeps everything in the center and even has graphics in the browser window itself.
Thanks for all the great support!
Keep up the good work.

You should add an extra line of actionscript in order to overcome your size based problem.
FS Command / Allowscale / False
That’s all. The movie’s scale is now stable and independent of the change in the window size.

Centering problem. I arrange my page and of course movies in DreamWeaver. There are many options for modification and aligning your movies in there. Just align center…

Good Luck…

Thanks so much for the tip.
The FS Command; do I place this in a keyframe at the beginning of the movie, does it matter?