Centering user view on page element

Hey good people of kirupa!

I have a difficult question for you, hopefully you’ll be able to help me out.

What I’m trying to make is a site where people can post small notes on a page, the page will be large(3000x3000+) so i need a way to allow people to get to the notes they have posted, and have them centered on their screens. With html anchors, which I have already tried, by clicking on a link suh as “#note1”, the user is taken to the vertical position of that note, but not the horizontal position. e.g if the note is 2000px to the right of the left side of the screen, at position (2000, 500), the user will only be taken to (0,500).

How can I move the users view, or scroll to an object to get it centered?
I will know the page’s dimensions, if that helps.

Any ideas or comments are appreciated.