Chage Image Size in AS3 (CS4)


I am loading an external image into AS3. The image comes in quite large, and I am simply trying to make it 200h x 200w. In AS3 using FlashCS3, you can do this:

import fl.containers.UILoader;
var myLoader:UILoader = new UILoader();
myLoader.height = 200;
myLoader.width = 200;

That works fine in AS3 using FlashCS3, however is not supported in FlashCS4. Why? Who knows, but my guess is that there is another simpler way to do it, even though you can’t get much simpler than that. I have tried using the standard loader:

var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();

and tried to change the dimensions, but it was a no go. Also tried making a movieClip and a Sprite and loading the image into them and changing their dimensions, but then the image disappears entirely and doesn’t work. So… Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!