Challenge: My anti-decompilation attempt

The idea is that you have to decompile the Flash file you see load up and post the code back here after you’ve decompiled it. If you can’t decompile it, just let me know if you were able to successfully download it.

This isn’t a “decompile this for me” thread. As you’ll see, there isn’t a whole lot worth decompiling :wink: .

Note: If you’re chasing after flash/initial.swf or see code with LoadVars in it, you’re in the wrong file.

Additional Note: This only works in Gecko based browsers at the moment. You can use Firefox / Opera / Safari / Netscape for PC / Mac… the only one that I’ve found to not work at the moment is IE. So for the test, give it a go on one of those browsers.

If you think you’ve got it, post it back here with how you went about getting it.
The link is here:

The server is secure and the certificate is faulty so it’ll ask you to accept it, but don’t worry, it’s safe. I just didn’t want to get a real SSL certificate for just this test.

Good Luck!