Change a graphic?

I’m a longtime Dreamweaver / Photoshop user. I just inherited a website using Flash and am trying to muddle my way through learning this program. Of course, I’m under pressure to quickly make a few changes for the client…then I will have time to really learn the program. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I need to change the name that appears on the front page. I’ve found where it is in the Library and it’s listed simply as “Graphic”. I can select “Edit” which places it on the stage.

It’s a simple font graphic (not a .jpg), but when I click to change it - the Properties menu shows Group. If I double click on one of the letters, the Properties changes to Shape.

How can I edit this graphic to change the letters to what I need them to be?

Thanks in advance,

make a new graphic, type text, select (in modify menu) “break appart” twice, then group each letter which is now a shape, then all the now created groups again, and you get the same you have with different text…
go back to the main scene, select the graphic symbol, in property inspector, select “swap”, choose your new one, done…
(don’t have flash open, hope it’s all ok this way…)

Thanks Joe - that helps a lot. At least I know it can be done and the basic steps involved.

Just one thing that I’m wondering about. The font they used for the graphic is unusual. Is there any way to look back in the history of an .fla file and find out what font name was used to create the current graphic so I can match it?