Change a specific item in a list component

**Hi guys, I need some help with something, PLEASE

I want to change only a specific item in a list component.
I have my list build:**

mylist.addItem({label:“project_01”, project:“projects/projects/project_01.swf”, preview:“project_01.jpg”, data:“001”});

mylist.addItem({label:“project_02”, project:“projects/projects/project_02.swf”, preview:“project_02.jpg”, data:“002”});

mylist.addItem({label:“project_03”, project:“projects/projects/project_03.swf”, preview:“project_03.jpg”, data:“003”});

**and so on…

I would like to know how can I make reference to the number of the “data” in the code bellow to change the background and the color of the text, for example, of the data:"001"


**Please, I need some help on this,
Thanks **