Change colortheme on a page, including a flashmenu

I’ve got a page where I want to be able to change the colorscheme. The thing is that I also got a flash-menu that also needs to be changed.

So far I’ve done three swf’s which are the same (except the color). But when I click something in the menu the color changes to the original color everywhere on the page. How should I do to prevent this? I’ve got a page (index.php) where I’ve got a variable $color which sets the color on the page. Should I send this variable to flash everytime I click something in the menu? How should I do this? Do I have to have a second php-page which generates a string, like &color=green; ?

Is it understandable? =) I have all the files on my computer for the moment, but if nobody understands what I’m trying to explain, I’ll put the files on a server.


if you include this where you embed your flashmovie in HTML, you can refer to the color variable like _root.color

<param type="flashvars" value="color=<?php echo($color); ?>" />

for more information on this, do a search on flashvars :wink: