Change name to attached swf

Hello everybody, this is my first post.

I started working with As3 and i’m finding a lot of difficoulties, i hope you can help me figuring them out

Basically i make a for cycle from an array, i pull out values from each item in the array and later i split again that item.
Then i load each swf into the movieclip “mappa” and change position, rotation etc…
Everything is ok, but i need to attach every movie with a different name and instance name.

I would like to know too how can i access later movies i loaded for changing x position and so on.

this is the code:

for (var x:int=0;x<contieni.length;x++){
 var dettaglio:Array = contieni[x].split("|");
var fan:Loader = new Loader();
this.mappa.addChild(fan);//aggiungiamo il movieclip dentro la mappa
var bgURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("test.swf");//carichiamo il movieclip dell'auto
fan.x = dettaglio[1];///assegniamo x
fan.y = dettaglio[2];///assegniamo y
fan.rotation = dettaglio[3];///assegniamo rotazione = dettaglio[5];

Thank you so much for help