Change text in textbox when rollover a button? Help please!

Hi, I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I am working in Flash MX and am trying to create a page where when you hover over one of the buttons, different text displays in a designated area, giving a short description of where that button will take you. I have the buttons all made, I have the text boxes placed where the text should appear, but I don’t know how to get the different text to show up when mousing over the buttons. It seems this should be pretty simple, but alas, I cannot figure it out or find anywhere in the tutorials that explains how to make this happen.

If someone could enlighten me that would be wonderful! Warning though, I will admit I am a newbe so please explain in very simple terms (think: “flash for Dummies” :ne: LOL).

If someone could help me I would be forever grateful! :slight_smile:


Well, first off, you’re going to need to make all the text boxes into Dynamic Text boxes, instead of static. In the Properties panel, to the right of the Text graphic, notice that drop-down menu? well, drop it down, and you should see Dynamic. Select that. The next thing you’ll need to do is name the text area. Right below where you change it to Dynamic Text, you’ll see a grey’d <Instance Name>. Click in that box, and type in the name of the text area. Make it something that will make it easy for you to keep track of. I’ll use the name “Text_Area”. After that, if you plan on having it be a somewhat lengthy description, you’re going to want to change the type of Dynamic Text. Look right below the name, and to the right of that. There should be a box that says “Single Line”. Drop down that and it’ll say Multiline or Multiline No Wrap. I’d choose Multiline. Thats it for the text area.

Now, select the button you want. Go to the Actions panel and type this in:

on (rollOver) {
Text_Area.text = "<Insert the text here>";

That should be it. Someone correct me if I forgot something, but I need to get to work right now. Hope that helps you out.

Alternatively you could have ONE dynamic text box and just keep replacing the text there everytime you roll over a button. Also, if you want the text to disappear when the user rolls off the button use

Text_Area.text = " ";

I actually hit the space bar between the quotation marks so Flash reads it as an actual character, even though it isn’t displaying anything visible.


:beam: Thank you both so much! It works! I love you! bounces happily
Thanks again!!