Changing Colors

Anyone able to answer this, please?

I have MC’s and dynamic text placed around my website, I’ve set them up as listeners, and if a button is pressed a color change is broadcasted. Thats all well, but I want to do a fade to the color. I have the function setup fine to do that, I was just wondering what the method of doing it would be. There are a lot of Color Tween AS (on MC’s) classes/functions/prototypes out there, but every single one I find cannot handle having the color change again half way through the original tween. e.g. button 1 turns box orange, but in the middle button 2 starts to turn box blue. Button 2 would simply get the RBG current of the box and tween to red, but noo… doesn’t seem to work. That works using the Tween class though, you can interrupt a Tween in the middle. Anyone find or know how to make such a dynamic color tween function?

Thanks for any info!