Changing lineStyles - AS 2.0

Hey everyone,

I am doing a drag and drop game where lines are drawn between two movieClips (one fixed and one draggable).

At the moment the lineStyles properties are set up within the initiation function and then used to draw the lines. I now have the problem that for some lines I have to change its color and I think the on enterFrame event is messing everythiong up; I can change all of their colors at a time but not one at a time :<

anyone got any ideas??

the line snippet of the code that deals with lines are below…

 function dd_setupLines():Void {
 // set the line drawing mc's to 0,0
 for (i=0; i<dragObjectsNum; i++) {
  this['line'+i+'_mc']._x = 0;
  this['line'+i+'_mc']._y = 0;
  onEnterFrame = dd_drawLines;
function dd_drawLines():Void {
 for (i=0; i<dragObjectsNum; i++) {
  //clear the draw layer
  // create the line style
  this['line'+i+'_mc'].lineStyle(lineThickness, lineColour, lineAlpha);
  // get start pos
  var tX:Number = dragObjectsArray*[3];
  var tY:Number = dragObjectsArray*[4];
  // get end pos
  var dX:Number = this['dragObject'+i+'_mc']._x;
  var dY:Number = this['dragObject'+i+'_mc']._y;
  // draw line 
  this['line'+i+'_mc'].moveTo(tX, tY);
  this['line'+i+'_mc'].lineTo(dX, dY);

the line style is set here…

  var lineThickness:Number = 4;
 var lineColour:Number = 0x908474;
 var lineAlpha:Number = 100;

this is part of a big file so cant include it all, but hope thats enough!!