Changing the icon of a SWF file

Hi again…

This may not be a post for this group… but I’m sure someone knows the answer…

Say, I now have a small game, that I’d like to keep on my computer desktop for my daughter… how can I change that Icon (the basic flash icon) to a home-made icon… oh yeah, and how do I make a home-made icon… :slight_smile:

there is a progam called Microangelo, it allows you to make icons and cursors. I’m not sure how you would go about getting it, but once I have my computer up i can hook you up with it. As for changing the icon, right click on the icon, and go to Properties, and under shortcut select change icon, and then browse the computer for different icons you can use.

DOesn’t work that way for projectors (exe’s).
Make your icon (32x32x16colors), go to and buy Versiown, and you’ll be able to customize everything about your Flash exes.