Chatroom in flash

Anyone have any exp with this? In playing with my using chatroom I having my system compatible with this would be usefull ( and cheaper for some people ) and just wanted some input?

do u think I can use a .NET platform(VS.NET w/ ASP.NET app) w/ its db backend is ms sql server 2000 aside from java/php-mysql-postgre-apache server i think in order to work with my server?

cause i already have a flash comm server 1.0 but i dont have a ver 1.5 and i also have a flash remoting mx for .NET i dunno if ever might take time to code using that in my profile and chat app?

which do i prefer the best and an easy way in creating the chat app using flash?

a.) ASP.NET MS SQL server 2000/ms access
b.) PHP postgre/mysql

it can be done with only php and flash…
but you need full shell acces of your server to use this method…

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