Cheap Work Available :)

I’m an advanced Flasher, and intermediate-advanced with HTML. I am also good with PHP, as well as learning CSS and XML. I am looking to build my portfolio with full websites. If you need a job done, please contact me. My going rate is contact for pricing.

Samples of Work: - my personal portfolio site, somewhat outdated, especially the content. Made about four months ago, my skills have improved greatly since this project, especially in the actionScript field. - A site for a client that was never finished (at the client’s request). It now serves only as a showcase of a bit of my work.

SoF2 DA Clan Site - one of the first sites I created, this shows the HTML aspect of my skills. This site also included a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). (Site now down) - I also do mini-sites for classified ads. Nothing flashy, but gets the job done. Great accompanyment to a newspaper ad, and very cost effective. This particular page was done for $20. - A test that I made completely in PHP. The styles are dynamic, which means that new ones can be added very easily. The only thing needed is a 10x10 background image, and a header. - a work in progress of our new portfolio design. Not much here yet, but this will continuously updated over the next couple of weeks/months. - Flash games. I make games when I get bored to show of some of my actionScript skills. Not all of these games are finished, nor do some have instructions.

If you are interested in doing business with me, please contact me via AIM, screenName is DHSMaroon13, or by e-mail Yeldarb AT Barbdwyer DOT com (replace the obvious with the obvious) - A full blown PHP site. The layout was done in photoshop. This site features a full PHP backend, including a full admin panel. The client can edit any and all content on the site, as well as add new sections as needed. The content is stored in a mySQL database. It also utilizes the PHP GD Library in order to edit user uploaded images on the fly, including making dynamic thumbnails of photo gallery images. Completion time for this project was 43 hours of work time. - A team and match picker for online multiplayer games. Designed specifically for Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, but will work with any other game that has teams that play against each other. This helped familiarize me with arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, evals, and several other PHP topics. - A header created for a web design company. Shows the design side of what I do rather than most of the other stuff here that shows coding. Also see the banner for the same site with the same concept