Check if image has already been loaded

Well as the title sais, is there anyway to check if the image has been cached, or has already been loaded so you can skip the preloading process (it looks pretty ugly when the preloader appears and disappears in an instant).


If you hang on to the loader you used the first time around for the image, you check its content property. If the image hasn’t been loaded already, it’ll trace null. Otherwise it’ll trace [object Bitmap]

Yea thats the proble, I’m using a new loader every time.

It is impossible flash doesn’t know about file loading because Browser does it. U should thing about some kind of fading or waiting 1-2 secs to show preloader

:frowning: Yea I was thinking about setting a timer, guess thats what I’ll do.

Thanks for the reply

Hmm that seems like a lot of effor and for something so small :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the response thos, I’ll keep that in mind.

Thanks alot :smiley: I’ll look into that.