Check it out: Free iPod!

I was browsing around on some deal sites and I found this… I originally thought it was a total scam, but I guess some 400 people have actually gotten a free iPod out of the deal. if you do a google search for “” you will see lots of people talking about it. The way it’s set up only like 12% of the people will actually get one, but if you have a lot of friends that are willing, it might be worth a shot. Just go to and you can sign up. I’d appreciate it if you used that link so I can get the credit and be a step closer to getting my free iPod crosses fingers You are required to sign up for one of like 7 different things… I suggest using the AOL free trial, since you can just cancel it after a couple days and it won’t cost anything.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard of people being denied for using fake info, so I’d suggest using real info if you want to get your iPod.

<disclaimer> I looked at the FAQ and did a forum search and I don’t think this has been posted before or is violating any rules, but if you want me to remove my referer ID or something just PM me or remove it for me, I don’t want to anger anyone :slight_smile: </disclaimer>

hm… saw it on cssvault, it looks like one of 'em fake ads, and nobody can ever convince me otherwise no matter how much they try. Btw, that’d destroy my deal with sony to advertise on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I just punch myself in the groin instead?

That’s about what I equate “FREE ONLINE OFFERS” to.

Well, I’ve read on a few places that this is real and the “Gratis Network” is actually reliable. Here is what seems to be the most credible place who apparently spoke to a company representative…

Aren’t you guys at least tempted to try it? Maybe I’m just a fool :frowning:

It was hook line and sinker for me

Just found this one too

There was the exact same thread a day ago and the person decided to take it off because it would end up, like the gmail thread, in a whiner’s thread.

here is a link from gizmodo:

and the thread where people have actually received a free ipod:


  1. Being eligible to receive a free iPod

    (g) Users must be residents of the United States.

i dont trust this at all

the ebay signup url redirects you to ebay so even if it is a scam ebay is collecting the data not

anyway… is a free service and does not guarantee receipt of any product regardless of offers completed or points accumulated.

well if i dont get one ill buy one anyway

i predict this thread will not have a long shelf life.

I moved this because there seems to already be one of these in here. Plus Zerium was co-signing in this one. And his post is the first one of this type to get the boot.