Check this PINPINLELAPIN (^-^)¡Æ

after two month, here is the last studiotanuki’s creation:, pinpin, rabby, ans jean fran?ois’s official website, where you can find everything about your favourites characters and the very famous cartoon “giant red poulp’s attack” enjoy!

I liked it very much, but the site maybe has a boring background.

Very nice. Very clean. Fun. Entertaining. And in French. I loved it. SOTW for me.

pom :asian:

thank u 2

i dunno what you mean by SOTW… i’m new so…

amstel, what you feel boring in the background ???

SOTW= Site Of The Week=Site de la semaine, quoi.

Bonne continuation les gars!

pom :asian:

merci merci! ben on est en train d’ataquer le demarchage et on regarde si on trouve un public en meme temps et c’est assez encourageant…
bonne continuation aussi…

Maybe I´m wrong but your characters is so colourfull and the background color and the interface is colorless. Maybe if you change a bit the colors you can improve the aesthetic.

I think it’s great. I love Pinpin’s navigation. I was confused at first, but that’s only because I was too anxious to read instructions. But after the second visit - I was in love with it. It can be a bit trying at times - I am particularly not fond of the bunny dancing for long periods at random times (I didn’t know how to make him stop, so I can go back to navigating the site. It’s definitely interesting and unique and definitely deserves a spot as Site of the Week.

In regards to Studio Tanaki - this is a great site as well, but I’m more fond of Pin Pin. An error: when I click on team and then click on the individual team members, I blank page appears (at this point, I’m assuming, the team member’s bio loads). I got impatient and clicked “Back” and thought I would get back to it later. As I was browsing the rest of the site, the bio finally appeared right on top of the content I was viewing (it looks messy and I’m sure it’s out of place). Other than that, the site is pretty nice. I don’t find anything about it colorless and the design is just right. I’m afraid adding a busier background would deflect attention from the animated characters (which are great, by the way).

Let’s not forget about this people… It still gets my vote this week.

pom :cowboy:

Hey meko,
The site is really nice. Congratulations for creating a great site such as the on you have. I really liked the unique content and navigation elements on each page. The site wasn’t too cluttered and had a nice, relaxing mood to it =)

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa :hat:

incredible! thank you everybody, and thanks for those who vote for us!
it give energy to do better and better… cya soon!

French Power!!! :cowboy: