Check this site out!

Ok everyone check this site out…

I think it’s done rather well, for some reason i reckon it’s creepy as well. Maybe because of the music!! haha

Also when u go to the site, move your mouse around and check ou the trail it makes. Does anyone know how to do that?

Also, when you put your mouse over one of those particles, i line comes out and links to the inside of the brain in the pic. But how do you make the line ALWAYS go to that point of the head when the particles are moving around randomly?

Anyways have fun guys…
I’ll see what other awesome sites i can find!


Hey Jakatta. That’s the good old drawline thing (like in my tutorial :smiley: ), except it’s done with Flash 5. There have been many posts about that for you to check. The only difference here is that you’re not duplicating a line, but rather a fading line, but the idea is the same. By the way, this menu is seriously bogging down my computer, so I guess there must be something wrong with his swf (maybe he doesn’t remove the clips once they’re invisible, I don’t know).

About you’re second question, you’ll find your answer when you’ve understood the first one (I sound like yoda, don’t I ?).

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There you go :…5_fade.swf
Don’t mind the button.

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That was pretty cool site Jakkata. Pom that was a neat little fla. thanks-


Hey thanks heaps hey!!!

But why is there a button and a controller?? Is it necessary for them to be there? and how would i make it so u dont have to hold the mouse down to get the fading line effect?

Sorry for asking so many questions Pom!!
Thanks again…


No problem :smiley:

The button is not necessary, it’s just something I had done to delete the drawing. It still works by the way, but it’s not useful now (if you press it real quick you’ll see it work).
The controller is necessary if you work with Flash 5, but I wrote the actual word so that you could see that there was a movie clip there. If you don’t want to see it, just edit the clip and delete the word.

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The links are the same as before.

Well i dont understand what u mean?

I mean if i delete the controller and the button… where would i place the codes? Do you think you explain it easier?

Merci beaucoup