Checking the right thing

Hello everyone. I am trying to do some effect on 3 buttons on the site.

I have profile, portfolio and contact buttons. And an MC on root(sayfa) where when each button is clicked, MC plays starting from different frames (like if a button is clicked ‘sayfa’ goes and plays 2).
When portfolio button is clicked, if none of the other 2 buttons are clicked, ‘sayfa’ has to goto and play frame 101. The code is like this:

if (!profileclicked & !contactclicked) {_root.sayfa.gotoAndPlay(101);

It works.

And if profile is clicked and contact isn’t clicked, when the portfolio is released, ‘sayfa’ should goto and play frame 203. I wrote the code like this:

if (profileclicked & !contactclicked) {_root.sayfa.gotoAndPlay(203);
	profileclicked = false;

It doesn’t work. Can someone help me? I’m stuck with it.