Chimp concept #1

I am sick of my half done site, so here is a half done concept


It looks original, but too many gradients, The circle pattern is pretty cool though :slight_smile: But I’m not really feeling this layout :frowning: Sorry man.

hmm well it’s not final, i just had an idea. I like the content box (circles). Maybe I will just keep that and leave the road thingy.


i am kinda trying to build a layout around and in the same style as this which i drew:

It’s an interesting style, but I don’t see how the site will be?

I’ve got a cool idea for you. How about if you made that circle pattern a mask and had a picture under it, and used that box as the content and didn’t use anything else, except maybe some navigation. It would be clean and cool :slight_smile:

eh? you mean have the content, do some circle masking oh and i already have a navigation, it’s these little circles that are sticky to the mousey. Yeah iwant it to be simple and clean…or clean and simple. Gracias amigos

no, hang on i’ll photoshop something up for you :wink:

i like yeldarb’s idea. the gradient road thing has to go.

lol ok ok geez the raod is gone, it was just an idea :lol:

Thanks Yel! I owe you one :slight_smile:

No problem, here’s what I was thinking.
It’s just a quick idea/photoshop, nothing polished or anything, just to get my idea across. The image is a stock one from

EDIT: The image in the bottom could be animated or something, and the red doesn’t look very good either, but it’s a quick job hehe, what can i say :wink:

oh cool! yeah hmmmm that brings more ideas. Some cool actionscript could go there lol Thanks again man

thats pretty cool yeldarb / chimp

I never thought that bluish/purple + orange looked good. You need to change up the colors.

I like the whole thing. Your site concepts are awesome!
I don’t know why people don’t like the road thing, I think you could do something interesting to it with flash.
Keep up the good work!

That place for the nav is cool. The only way that road thingy would be affective is if this was a site where everything had a vector, illustrated feel to it. Just some examples of what I mean: