Christmas Actionscript Battle

[size=10]Christmas Actionscript Battle!![/size] :bu:

Not more than 2 kB
One clip in the library is allowed, but all-code is better
The theme is Christmas, not New Year!
The due date is a month from now: 12/10/2003. That way we’ll have a winner for Christmas :beam:

All right, it’s time :slight_smile:

[swf=“ width=550 height=300”][/swf]


i have had so little time and have not finish…[size=1]started[/size] my :frowning:

does that say something pom?

KIRUPA :crazy:

Here ya go… I was going to add some more things into since it’s only 1.28 kb’s right now… But unfortunately I ran into alot of client work yesterday… :slight_smile:

… just made this :stuck_out_tongue:

if you all think its too much like Marz’s entery i wouldn’t enter it :wink: well his is still better :slight_smile:

here it is :smiley:
[swf=“ height=400 width=400”][/swf]


Edit: this is more a snow battle then a x-mus battle :-\