Chromless window woes

Hello all. this may be a simple question to some, but for me it’s driving me insane.

I have created a chromless window. In that window, I have a button that when clicked, opens a completely NEW window. That window asks the user to input information, and when they complete all the fields, the new window is suposed to close and populate the iframe of the parent window with new information.

if i do not use a chromless window, it works fine. but when i use a chromless window, it acts as if it doens’t know who the parent window is…

any idea of why this happens? thanks

well, i did a little more research on this subject. In case anyone is wondering, it’s impossible to do what I just asked as of right now.

apparently, a chromless window cannot be treated with child/parent/opener javascript commands. that sux too… i liked the idea that was behind it :frowning:

oh well. guess i’ll just have to do with out for a while.