Circles and reactangles

Kirupa, I am very new to react.js. Working on a project to render optimized array of rectangles inside a circle of diameter d. Would like to take one-on-one coaching from you. Kindly advise and guide.
Million Thanks in advance,

Are you using the canvas?

Kiruba, yes, we plan to use canvas. But wondering if is capable if handling million rectangles inside the circle. !! I have been watching your video’s all weekend. Thanked God for your expertise. Also ran into your pointers on SVG Vs Canvas.

Exploring SVG also.

For one million rectangles, canvas will be the most memory efficient compared to other approaches. React won’t play much of a role here, for this is all pixels being drawn directly as opposed to dealing with the DOM :slight_smile:


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went ahead and bought all your books Kiruba. Thanks for making it so very beginner friendly. For ever indebted for your expertise in presenting complex concepts so beautifully,

Kirupa’s the best!

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