Circular Movement


I am trying to make an object move in a circular path. I need to know how to find the object’s new x and y positions every frame. However, all of the tutorials I have seen so far move the object in a circle by repeatedly changing its angle in the circle and then setting its new x and y coordinates using trig. For example: I would like to, instead, move the object around the circle knowing the following parameters:

  • The object’s speed (the speed, in pixels per second, that it would travel with were it moving in a straight line).
  • Whether the object is moving clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • The object’s current position
  • The radius of the circle
    …Without assigning it an angle speed. So, every 25 milliseconds, I would be able to recalculate its new position in the circle without messing with its angular position. How would I go about this?

Thanks for your help.