City map in flash


I found some really great city maps in flash.

Here is an example.

Now I want to create my own city map from my own city.

Does somebody allready haves some opensource fla files for me?
That will be really great!


I have never heard of opensource files for this kind of stuff.

*Originally posted by lavaboy *
**I have never heard of opensource files for this kind of stuff. **

Specially for you, samples and tutorials.

I don’t really need a tutorial on this stuff… Just by looking at it I can tell how to do it. However, I haven’t seen any tutorials, or open source on this.
People in this board will be glad to give you an idea on how to do it, and pointers on what to watch out for. But here many frown on giving code.
But anyways, you should really be asking this question on the Flash MX forum.

i made one awhile back in flash 5 like that, but not that detailed, thats a kick *** map

on the map button.

there was a good tutorial actually in flash 5 that was pretty much a map tutorial

Hey that is pretty fu*kin nice gloryBe.

oh my god, that manhattan map must have taken so long to do. i wonder if the designer is still sane.

Hmm sounds like that this is a little new upcomming flash project.
“Create your own city in flash”.

I am not really closer to a good starting point.

  1. Scan the city map;
  2. Import in flash;
  3. Create the lines;
  4. Remove the original map;

Now we have a project with a lot of lines.
5. Move script;
6. Zoom script;
7 Coordinates script;

Thats a lot of work!