Ckecking for resolution and Flash plug-in

Can anyboby please help me how to make my inde.html page check for the user’s screen resolution (1024x768) and for the Flash Mx plug-in?

If possible I need an html sample! Thanks :slight_smile:


That link is to Flash detection.

Now for getting screen size, I am assuming you mean to redirect on screensize.

A while ago I wrote 2 javascripts for someone on this forum. One was to redirect on site load depending on screen size, and the other was to redirect by a button depending on screen size.

Hopefully they will help you out. Just check out the .zip file attached and read the readme.txt file.

PS: They work in both IE and Netscape. I don’t know about anything else.

Thanks lostinbeta!

The files you gave me are a great help. One question: can I place the javascript directly below the javscript for detecting Flash MX directly?

<script language = “javascript”>
some script for detecting flash mx…
<script language = “javascript”>
some script for detecting screen resolution…

Hmmm, never tried, I guess you can give it a try :-\

I might try something later, but as of now… dinners ready :slight_smile:

hahahaha lol.

Yeah happy eating! :slight_smile: