Class confusion

before i post, i just wanna say that i am infinitely appreciative of what you are doing for me… I would be pulling my hair out by now if not for you…however, i am starting to confuse myself again… then, Now, I am starting to get into the building classes. I created a Building class that defines a building, and now I am working on the specific Building_1 class…within the Building_1 class (as well as the rest of the building classes) there’s a few things that i want to do:

  1. attach the specific Building_1 class from the library to it for the graphic
  2. attach the building movie clip to the planet movieclip so that it will rotate with the planet
  3. add behaviors for being hit and being repaired
  4. add behavior for when it is destroyed.

I attached all of my .as and .fla files so that hopefully you can see how everything is supposed to intertwine. I know it is ridiculously flawed and I thank you for sticking it out with me.