Hi … is it possible to create classes in Flash MX (not Flash MX 2004). I made a deep search on the internet and all the examples I found were for Fash MX 2004, and they don’t seem to work with Flash MX!!

Does anybody know hoe to make classes for Flash MX?? if it is possible?
Thansk to all in advance :slight_smile:

but not before reading:

Yes those examples worked great.
However if I create classes in this way would they still work with Flash MX 2004 (for when i decide to upgrade my current software) or I would have to change the [font=Courier New]syntax[/font]?

yes, they still work
covers that in the introduction

darn it sen… you know everything about as, and everything else… ARG YOU!


Wow Great … However the syntax for Flash MX 2004 is more like Java, so I guess I like it more :slight_smile:

A big Thanks to all of you for your help :slight_smile: