Clear Interval doesn't work

Using **clearInterval (streamingID); **and clearInterval (playingID); works fine for me in one place but doesn’t work well in another (for playing MP3) yet it doesn’t work in another place (for playing FLV).

Both systems are similar in the fuctionality, yet different in the way they achieve it (because treating MP3 and FLV is different with flash).

It’s easy to see the interval problem when trying to drag the “scrubber” - it’s like struggling with the computer on the scrubber’s place on the timeline.

Because I’m aware that information is not enough, I’ve attached the file and you’re welcome to help me. thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

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file deattached
also after another day of trying I found something recalling the interval again… In fact I’m not sure how I fixed it… I was focused on another thing while this problem was fixed… strange world indeed :trout: