Clear to blur?

how do i make image effect from clear to blur?

use two images, one clear, one blurred (with photoshop for example)
place one of them over the other and decrease the alpha of the one in front of the other

for more information use the search function, I am sure this question was there several times before. :slight_smile: has a tutorial on this I believe. It’s a pretty well done tutorial too I might add.

can you give me the actual tutorial in the

thanks man…

…alternatly you can use a mask over the blurred image…


yes…that’s a great idea…i never think of that…

another thing…how can i make line moves and and the first dot when it started is still there

and may I say the tutorial on is brilliant not only because its a nice piece of flash - but Katie Holmes! Sorry, just had to say it.

ermm…they are both stunning, the effect and the image itself

too bad the file sizes for both blurred and unblurred image are too big for actual use, unless you like your visitors to wiat for loading sequences.

it’s worth of waiting to see that girl…

Another place with such a tutorial.

yup…it’s not that hard after i see the .fla…pretty easy…thanks guys…