Click thumbnails to open in new window

HELLO his is my first post and i need a bit of help!!!

i am creating a flash portfolio and i need to do a simple task that i cant seem to figure out ( then again it might not be very simple)

what i have is a collection of 9 thumbnail images, what i want to do is when the user clicks on thumbnail the image opens up in a new window, this new window is 800 X 800.

now i would like the window to stay up unless the user closes it.
if the user clicks on another thubnail the window just stays up and replaces the image ( rather than a new window opening)

and finaly

there are 2 .MOV files i would like the user to access as well as the thumbnails

these movies are 320 X 240

if the user clicks on the movie link the 320 240 window appears

  • note the 800 X 800 window doesent have to dissapear when the movie pops up

ok i hope that this idea is understandable, if you have any suggestions or comments to make the easier please feel free!