Click to download, click to download, click to

This may sound a bit sacreligious to make this suggestion at this particular site, but . . .

The way I like to surf the web, I never download any flash updates because I want to make sure that my own web projects will never bother my visitors with a "There is a new version of Flash available . . . " which is a pretty large-sized download and a total diversion from where I want my visitors to stay, namely, right there at my sites.

I browse everything with the default version of flash that comes with IE 6, which should be more than good enough for anything of the simple Swish-generated flash I put on my sites, and that way, if I forgot to strip out the codebase=“,0,29,0” and the “pluginspage=” out of my own pages, I’ll be quickly reminded.

Is there any way this forum could be designed to only ask me once or maybe have the version # reduced a bit because as it is, I’m prompted twice with every single page I view.