Client Login Woes - PHP/mySQL

Hi everyone,

I have followed the tutorial found through Kirupa via

After completing the tutorial, I found that I am getting an odd error in the “status Variable” window. I have changed the status (status text field) to reflect the SQL statement, as i was not getting the desired response, and it is showing as "[COLOR=Red]SELECT * FROM auth WHERE username =[/COLOR]’ " and cuts off here, so there’s a problem with $user having a ’ " ’ in it, possibly, or nothing at all. From here, I changed it so status would reflect $user and it cut off the remainder of what to show after $user, with nothing in front. (ie. status=“s $user s&checkLog=2” would just return "s ")

So I feel that the info is not being sent via POST properly and I’m really at a loss for words on what to say and/or do.

Thanks for your help in this manner,

Increadably grateful