Clip event trouble

Man its been a long day… I seem to be having another problem with a simple code - here is the code I am using:

onClipEvent (load) {
_root.BG.logo.onRollOver = function() {
tellTarget ("_root.BG.logo.iii") {

This code is placed in “logo” MC actions in BG.

Logo is a MC in the MC BG on the main stage and iii is a clip within logo.
When the mouse rolls over the logo clip I want iii to start playing at frame 2. I know I am missing something stupid… please point it out! : ( Thanks a lot.

possibly do I have the code in the wrong place?

Well I tried placing the script at different levels to no avail… I wonder would onClipEvent(enterFrame) work better…hmmm I’ll try. Anyone offering some suggestions gets a free mug : )

don’t put a semi-colon after the second to last bracket

that doesnt matter

try it without the quotes in your tellTarget argument.

or use updated syntax altogether:




to be sure that path is correct (and that the function is running at all).

thanks Ill give it a try