Clipboard-Js in Adobe Animate

My end goal is simply to have buttons that when clicked copy specific texts into the user’s clipboard.

Clipboard.js accomplishes this quite easily on it’s own, but i can figure out how to integrate it into my adobe animate html5 canvas projects. i’d like the following clipboard.js code effectively used in my animate canvas project:

<!-- 1. Define some markup -->  
<button class="btn">Copy</button>  
<!-- 2. Include library -->  
<script src="../dist/clipboard.min.js"></script>  
<!-- 3. Instantiate clipboard -->  
var clipboard = new Clipboard('.btn', {  
    text: function() {  
        return 'to be or not to be';  
clipboard.on('success', function(e) {  
clipboard.on('error', function(e) {  

…except i’d like the button that triggers the copy function to be a button on the stage of my canvas project, not a button in the html. i need to be able to put the working code in the actions panel on a keyframe in the animate timeline, not in the html wrapper.

i’m also not sure how to include libraries in the new html5 canvas projects. but i’d like to be able to do that through scripting in the actions panel as well.

i have searched, and searched, and searched. It’s 5am now and i started working on this at 9pm last night. please help.

Sorry for the massive delay in getting back to you on this. Were you able to figure it out? If not, can you post a link to your canvas example with the button?