Clouds in window

i want to create clouds in a window like seen on this site:\r\ can some one help me?

  1. create your cloud movie\r2. create your window graphic\r3. the spots in the window that represent the glass need to be a mask. (How do you do that?) Well… I would make a rectangle on a layer above your cloud movie. Right click on the layer and select Mask. Now, the graphic of the actual window (minus the glass) would be on the layer on top. So, the three layers would be…\r\rtop layer - picture of window (minus glass)\rmiddle layer - masked layer (rectangle), which is essentially, the glass\rbottom layer - cloud animation\r\r:)

you don’t even have to mask the clouds as long as the graphic of the window/wall cover up the clouds completely.\r:) \rjeremy

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