that’s nothing compared to those I can see in my room flying:)

^Move. Soon. Or perhaps, you may attempt this method:

  1. Quarantine and seal building
  2. Shut power
  3. Strategically place electric frying pans filled with liquid formaldehyde, set to medium heat
  4. Turn power back on at breaker
  5. Wait 3 hours - after which anything alive is destroyed, shut power again
  6. Unseal building, ventilate, contract decontamination crew to clear out residue and dead bugs

Voila! No more bugs. :thumb2:

flying roaches - one reason why I wouldn’t go back to living in Bangladesh… remember lots of ocasions crawling to the kitchen in the night to get some water or whatever and getting a faceful of startled flying roach… ecch. we used to sleep under nets to ensure they weren’t falling into our mouths off the ceilings at night.

they say that if you see one roach, there is already a full-fledged colony living in your walls/ installations. they actually hide quite well… but the posts above give all the sensible advice I can think of… don’t leave food lying around, spray them, and squish them… though I can’t do that… I could never physically crush a cockroach… far too disgusting.