I came back to my flat and found one cockroach, with evidence of more.

The one in question was watching Underworld on a dvd player whilst playing on his laptop.

The prognosis is not good.

■■■■ it, why!?!

(the last lot left a load of maggots in the kitchen for someone to clean up:crying:)



They’re rare in Melbourne unless you’re a pig, so I really have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe get them gassed and make sure you don’t have any food or scraps exposed.


I lived with roaches for years in an apartment complex…it drove me to total depression. Once they are there they are there for years to come. I would suggest getting everything sprayed now; inside of your walls, cabinets, everything. My neighbors were horrible tenants that ate on the floor and left food everywhere. They simply walked over and underneath the door…GET EVERYTHING SPRAYED NOW FROM TOP TO BOTTOM OR YOU WILL GO MAD. If you see a large ones you might be okay for now…when you seen little ones your f*&^^d…because they have multiplied…
see ya…and good luck

Wait, are you talking about roommates or roaches? After these responses, I can’t tell. :lol:

roaches… definitely :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep anything edible in the fridge and sterilize anything that isn’t. If all else fails, kill it with fire.

Aren’t there, you know, professionals who deal with this sort of thing?

@thread starter… see the positive side, u will never be alone at home :beam:

I had a girlfriend once whose house was infested. They had tried everything and nothing worked for years. They then found this chalk: (and google it, there are a lot of websites about it)

Although it can kill kids, it’s really good with the cockroaches :lol: it worked great and everyone survived. Every single cockroach dissappeared.

^Please please PLEASE do not put this in your home. :frowning:

I wasn’t endorsing it…just letting him know it’s out there :lol:

Seriously though, there seems to be new and improved stuff that is safe, but I have no idea if it works. The website above talks about chalk from the early 90’s. There is stuff that has come out in recent years that is safe (apparently).

I didn’t say you were endorsing it, I’m just begging anyone and everyone not to spread toxic poisons around their home. Bad for the body, bad for the environment, bad business. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure there must be better/safer alternatives. Roaches suck - I grew up in Hawaii where they are 3 inches long and FLY. A rolled up magazine was the only sure way to get rid of them.

I wasn’t dating said girlfriend at the time of their infestation, but it sounded like a total nightmare.

I’m sure there must be better/safer alternatives.[/quote]

I think I should also add that cockroaches can be found on every continent on Earth…except one :wink:

The only option may be to go rambo on them. Rolled up newspaper, boots, crossbow loaded with dynamite. Last man standing kinda thing. Whatever works. See it as a crusade against the insect nation. (or call pest control)

Roaches suck - I grew up in Hawaii where they are 3 inches long and FLY. A rolled up magazine wa

Here in South Carolina we call them palmetto bugs (they hang out in the palmetto trees.) and they get really big Ive seen ones 4+ inches long. One of the most disgusting things Ive ever seen was a couple of weeks ago at a fishing tournament. One of my friends dads companies charters sports fishers every tournament and we were hanging out on the boat. Suddenly out of know where came some big roaches (like 40 of them.) So the crew got bug spray and started removing the walls on the boat and behind them were thousands of roaches. I think they had to end up ripping all the walls out and having to use extreme pesticide to kill them all.

Once again Glos provides critical intelligence that will help us achieve victory over our arthropod foes. :gi: (Though, I much prefer methods that involve fire.)

Cockroaches don’t freak me out too much normally when I come across them while traveling or whatnot.

The ones that are AIRBORNE however… HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I hate those bastards!!!

^Flaming tennis rackets. Highly effective.