Code error - All help needed´!

Ok… this is the END of the code (its not really mine…):

this.createEmptyMovieClip(“pos”, total);
pos.moveTo(radius.b, 0);
pos.beginGradientFill(“radial”, [0xCCCCCC, 0x999999], [100, 100], [0, 255], {matrixType:“box”, x:-radius.b-radius.b/2, y:-radius.b-radius.b/2, w:radius.b2, h:radius.b2, r:0});
for (var radians = 0; radians

I get a error for the last line. The error is this:

Error Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 11: ‘;’ expected
for (var radians = 0; radians

I cant get it working… :frowning:

I have flash mx 2004 pro… that can be the problem, but can someone change it so it will work for my version if that is the problem ? :slight_smile:

well…the for statement hasn’t been ended properly

normally a for statement looks like i.e.:

for(var abc=0;abc<100;abc++){
//some code here

so I guess this was probably not the end of the code.

you can try to remove this half “for” term at the end of the code and look if it somehow works without it.

Or you can ask the person you got that code from for a working version