Code Question

I find alot of code flying around.

For example:

myBackground.mytext.text = “hello”;

My question is… can I use this code in Flash 4 and if so, how do I enter it?

I think you can only create dynamic text fields in actionscript in Flash MX. It also allows you to create dynmaic movie clips, so instead of adding an mc onto your main movie you can write it in actionscript then code what you want the actions on it to be.

I am not that far into learning though.

What’s up, lostinbeta!

Yeah, I need to upgrade to MX. I’m still using 4.

Thanks for the info.

Wow, 4 is way outdated…haha.

I started with 5 in high school (didn’t learn much Actionscript in it), then I saved up and bought MX. After I got used to the complicated interface I realized how much better MX is to 5. I definitely recommend it. The interface will drive you nuts, but don’t let it get you down, you will eventually get used to it.

Really we should work on getting Kirupa to organize this a little differently. There are far too many MX based code answers here in the a/s forum. We should have a/s in the 5.0 and MX forum respectively, or we should have a 5.0 a/s, and MX a/s forums set up; or we should at least have a standard in here of stating which version the code is good for.

5.0 isn’t going anywhere… It’ll take a couple of years before it’s got the 86+% share of the standard market.

Just my opinion… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. It would also be easier for people who don’t state whether they use 5 or MX, etc.

It really depends on what version, because the code could change or be made simpler depending on the version the person uses, so it can kind of get confusing.

I definitely agree with setting up different AS Forums. :slight_smile:

Same old debate… but still totally relevant, I’m afraid. I don’t think we should keep this forum, as it is a bit redundant: we discuss Actionscript in the MX and in the F5 forum, so why bother with another forum?

OR: we’d have to create yet another forum, which is I think a bad idea.

pom :asian:

Maybe Kirupa can make another section (like the Talk and Help sections, etc) and call it Actionscript. Then have options for which version of flash.