Coded graphics --> Explicit editable graphics


Suppose I wrote some code (in, say, FD) to draw various graphics in a Sprite or MovieClip instance. Is there a way to export what I render into an SWF, so that I may import it into an FLA and edit it frame by frame in CS3? If you create your graphics via code then the flash player executes that code at runtime, so it isn’t the case that your SWF explicitly contains a rendering of the Sprites/MovieClip you code.

The only solution I have found is to use the PHP library “Ming”. There I can specify the graphics in each frame (via e.g. lineTo(x,y) etc.) and when it exports the SWF, it really is a collection of Shapes instances – rather than code to render the graphics in each frame. However this can be a bit buggy and moreover I want to take advantage of the various 3D engines available.

Any help much appreciated,