Coke is art

Nice idea from Coca Cola

explanation about the site from Coke itself:

[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=2]Coke is art.

At least it was in the 1960s, when Andy Warhol dipped Coke’s iconic contour bottle in silver. Now, Coca-Cola is trying to recapture the days when the brand was woven by artists such as Keith Haring into the popular culture. Its marketing plan is code-named M5.

New contour-bottle-shaped aluminum cans with bright graphics are part of Coke’s ‘experiential’ effort to reintroduce the brands to the next generation. The company is working to get the bottles distributed in red-hot nightclubs that cater to influentials.

Magnificent Five
The name refers to the “Magnificent Five,” far-flung new-media and design shops the Atlanta company has tapped to interpret what the marketer calls the brand’s ”optimism” through a series of short films and breakthrough bottle designs.

Coordinated with the help of production shop the Ebeling Group, Coke recruited shops from five continents, including Designers Republic, Sheffield, England; MK12, Kansas City, Mo.; Lobo, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Caviar, Japan; and Rex & Tennant McKay, Johannesburg, South Africa.[/SIZE][/COLOR]