Coldfusion CFMAIL and Javascript


I found the following javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
 function BookingForm(){
  function generateVisitorFields(value){
   var i;
   var visitorsFields = "";
   var visitorsContainer = document.getElementById('visitors');
   var visitorFieldNumberPrefix = "visitor_"
   var visitorFieldStart = '<input type="text" ';
   var visitorFieldEnd= '><br />';
   for(i=0;i< value;i++){
    visitorsFields += (i+1)+": "+visitorFieldStart+"name='"+(visitorFieldNumberPrefix+i)+"' id='"+(visitorFieldNumberPrefix+i)+"'";
    if(document.getElementById( visitorFieldNumberPrefix+i ) != undefined){
     visitorsFields += " value='"+document.getElementById( visitorFieldNumberPrefix+i ).value+"'"
    visitorsFields += visitorFieldEnd;
   visitorsContainer.innerHTML = visitorsFields;
  function formInit(){
   var visitorCB = document.getElementById('visitorCB');
   window.onerror = handleError;
  function handleError() {
   return true;

I use it in a form. What it does is it puts a certain amount of text fields in a form depending on a number that is choosen in a list/menu (works perfect by the way) I only have one or actualy two problems:

I use to send the information provided in the form to a certain email address:

<cfif isDefined ('form.Name')>
<cfmail to="[EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]"
from= #form.Name#
subject="Bookings enquiry from the website!"
<b>You have received a bookings enquiry from:</b><br /><br />
<b>Personal information:</b><br />
Name: #form.Titel# #form.Name#<br />
Email: #form.Email<br />
<cfset emailsend ='succes'>

My questions are:

[]What form name do I use for the generated text fields #form.???#
]What are the names when there are more then just on text field[/LIST]
I hope somebody is willing to help me=)