Coldfusion intergration for flash books?

anyone know of any? the latest one that amazon sell is coldfusion 5 for flash 5 by friends of ED, are there any other shops that spealize in computer books?

I’ve been searching for a while now and seem to get no where in finding a up-to-date book.

Thank you for your time.


this was the only one i can find.

here is the authors website

cheers it seems as though those living in the US can get a lot more books generally on flash etc but here in the UK there are many books that don’t get released, I don’t know why? I’m guessing that the demand isn’t worth the distribution by the publishers.

i finially located it on - used the ISBN as the search critria.

wow you had to go through all that to find it?

seems like a good book, i downloaded some of project files, but I can’t run them, forgot I don’t have coldfusion server installed at the moment.

i always wanted to get into coldfusion but really didn’t because to be honest there aren’t too many resources for it, esp. compared to asp/php.

good luck!

yeah i agree but I’ve learnt small bits of PHP/ASP and enjoyed it greatly but for some reason I just really seem to get on with Coldfusion. The only resources for coldfusion seem to be books but there are a few sites out therfe with tutes.

thanks for your help.