Collapsable dropdown menu and lists not functioning together?

I created a collapsable dropdown menu similar to the one on this site:

The menu works great, and there is nothing that needs to be touched with it. However, I just made a regular list in my text content and the list items are not showing up.

In IE, the activex makes it disappear. In firefox, my list does not appear on the page either.

Here are the unsual things I noticed:

  1. Removing the <ul> tag allows my list to be seen in both browsers; but this is not proper xhtml presentation.

  2. If I remove the [onload=“hideall();”] command in my <body> tag, the list appears perfectly. This hideall command is used to have my menu collapsed when you visit the page–in other words, not already expanded. My menu has javascript attached to it.

However, I need to have my menu collapsed when you go to a page, not all open.

Overall, the hideall command is also hiding my regular lists in my text content, which is a huge problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my lists to appear?
I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out for days. Thanks ahead of time.