collapse all comments

funny i cant seems to find the best solution for this. I use visual studio code at the moment.

I want to bloat up my functions for generating auto documentation using

/// <summary>
/// hi
/// </summary>
/// <param name="color"></param>

I also have some standard one line comments and block comments

I don’t want to look at these big cluttered summary’s and they really are for generating documentation only.

how is this usually handled?
I can find shortcuts to collapse block comments, or regions, i cant seem to collapse everything.

do you wrap these in regions and close all regions? or close all regions of a specific name?

I suppose what i really want is to never look at these summary comments but leave the rest, but closing all comments is prob ok too

That would be Fold all Block Comments in the Command Palette yeah?
Ctrl + K and then Ctrl + /


well then…

i feel dumb swear i thought i tried that. I suppose i was confused thinking a block comment had to be wrapped in /* */

Yeah thats what a block comment is to me…

By the way I meant to say, yes that worked thanks